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Supreme Industrial Products supplies all businesses, including the industries listed below and many more. Browse our catalog today for an abundance of product categories fit for your business.

  1. Industrial

    The SIP Industrial programs generate both operational competence and huge savings through our professional cleaning choices.

    Supreme Industrial Products caters to industrial buyers, allowing them to reduce labor and production costs, while practicing proficient methods of operations and cleaning. Supreme’s experts provide product assessment analysis and cost effective proposals in order to create safe and healthy environments for all industrial buyers. Procurement directors, staff, and customers will all benefit from our sustainable product choices.

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  2. Municipalities

    The SIP municipality programs help with budgeting and are all about creating, smart and cost effective cleaning solutions for your building.

    Supreme Industrial Products is here to assist by providing you with products that are low cost in use, lasting you a long time and getting the job done. We will help review your current cleaning procedures, provide an abundance of product categories to choose from, and increase operational efficiency

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  3. Supermarkets

    The SIP Supermarket programs allow staff, customers, and owners to all work together with peace of mind.

    Supreme Industrial Products offers many different chemical programs fit for your supermarket. We are experts in sanitation, pest elimination, and odor control, making your daily work schedule a little bit easier.

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  4. Food Manufacturing

    The SIP Food Manufacturing programs work to create clean, safe, and healthy environments for both the staff and the products being produced.

    Supreme Industrial Products works closely with food manufacturer’s in order to ensure safety and increase sanitation within facilities. Our staff of professionals closely analyze your building in order to provide effective cleaning solutions. We have many product offerings from green cleaners, safety items, and much more.

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  5. Retail

    The SIP Retail programs focus on dependable and innovative cleaning practices for large chain stores throughout the U.S.

    Supreme Industrial Products has teamed up with numerous retail stores in order to deliver consistency across chains with all the same products. Our retail programs include simplified training for all employees on the products we provide.

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  6. Other Industries

    Don’t see your industry here? Well, we offer many different products within our catalog that might be a great fit for you. Shop now or call and see if we can be of any assistance.

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